The 4kids Fan Girl Runs Rampant

Okay, so the boy half of the 4Kids line-up got pre-empted for baseball again yesterday. Football took over the Sunday spot where those cartoons would have been aired, so Fox decided to show them at 2am this morning.

Good thing I couldn’t sleep last night, or I’d have completely missed them! (The boy half is where my favorite cartoons are.) Now I’m listening to them while I work on various projects.

I let myself sit through the two Viva Pinata episodes, despite the fact the cartoon is quite possibly even more insipid than Bratz. There was much Dan Green-ness to be had, so I enjoyed a good laugh. The show really is poorly written and not engaging, though. There were lines that actually drove me out of the room.

Then I got to watch CapMon, which totally won me over in the premiere. The second episode annoyed the hell out of me, though. I got to suffer through the return of the most dreaded Tea line, “I need to get some female friends.” Dear heart, if you feel you need female friends, then go find them and stop torturing poor Yugi with your flaky ways.

TMNT: Fast Forward saw the return of Splinter. Be still my Darren-Dunstan-loving heart! Squee!!!

Then there was Sigma Six. I had forgotten that Dan Green has joined that cast. He’s got a British accent, but it’s still extraordinarily obvious who it is. The best part is, Mr. Green holds his British accent about as well as Mr. Frankson holds his tough guy voice in TMNT. I’m thinking they studied dialects at the same place.

It’s a shame, too. Dan Green is such a strong, versatile actor. To see this one voice elude him almost hurts.

Oh, and Eric Stuart has apparently decided to use the Kaiba voice as his announcer voice. I suppose it beats listening to the James/Bastion/Watari voice (which I’ve never been fond of, and have really had to look past to adore both Bastion and Watari), but it’s a bit disturbing.

I’ve also decided that despite the fact I’d love to drown most of her characters, I really respect Amy Birnbaum as a vocal talent. She’s capable of so much…it’s just her characters that are pointless. I love her as Scarlett (especially when that accent drops), and I think she could probably do so much more, but never seems to land the right roles. (If you think this is an odd opinion, I actually happen to like only sixty percent of Dan Green’s characters and the cookie cutter nature of ninety percent of them, but because he himself is such an asset to the voice acting community , I choose not to hold either against him.)


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