What Drives You Through the Day

The latest blogging challenge has us thinking about hobby blogging.

Cool! Great! I get to annoy everyone by talking ad nauseum about something I love!

Except I already do that…heh.

There’s so much to talk about.

One of my hobbies is crafting. I haven’t been able to indulge in it as much lately, and I’ve focused mostly on jewelry design when I get the opportunity to create handcrafts. This might be because nice people buy my work. I also happen to do other crafts. I do needlepoint when I have both the time and patience to work on a piece. I love to quill! It’s great for stretching your creativity, and creating tiles to form larger pictures really speaks to the math geek in me! I have even been known to enjoy making both candy and candles. It really just depends on my mood and available time.

Another of my hobbies is reading. This is a particularly dangerous habit of mine, and quite possibly my oldest habit. Through reading, I’ve ended up a lot of funny places. I write because I read. I am working on a graphic novel script because I read. I’ve dabbled in web and graphic design because I read. I even blog because I read. I have this habit of reading something, and then either researching it to death, or trying to figure out how to go try it out or oberve it for myself. It’s a lot of fun (and the secret of my seemingly vast store of random, useless trivia.)

Then there’s my dancing hobby. I always set up my room so there is space to dance. I spent fourteen years studying ballet, and would go back if it weren’t for my insane work schedule and a particularly bad ankle injury that never got the chance to heal properly. I think I’ve nearly always danced, even when I wasn’t in a studio studying. I dance when I’m hyper and need to work off some energy. I dance when I need to clear my mind so I can get to work. I dance when I’m so angry I can’t see straight because it calms me down and helps me focus on something other than what made me angry. I choreograph. I put on music and just play around. If there’s music, you can bet I’m interacting with it in some way. I think Sensei and some of my classmates are actually anxious to see me get to a higher level so I can start woking through katas and forms. I think there’s some hope that my natural grace and poise will turn them into dances.

As much as I’d love to tell you otherwise, animation is really a hobby of mine, too. It’s one that fuels my writing and reading hobbies. It also fuels my love for research and analysis. I’ve always loved watching cartoons. I’ve chased voice actors since I was eight. I am totally envious of the people who have the talent to create even a twenty-two minute cartoon. I’m doing well to create animated avatars! And full-length animated features? Don’t get me started! I got to see one scene of Titan A.E. before it was finished, and I thought that was the coolest thing in the whole entire world!

Okay, I think that’s pretty much what a standard day looks like for me, since I don’t count teaching as a hobby. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, but never a hobby.


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