A Sci-Fi Fan’s Dream Come True

I don’t think it’s widely known, but I happen to enjoy sci-fi racing stories. One of my favorite cartoons currently running (except for the fact it’s between seasons at the moment) is IGPX, which features mecha racing. I really enjoyed FX (the game. I didn’t have the opportunity to check out the cartoon until right before 4Kids pulled it from the line-up.), although that wasn’t technically sci-fi. I resented not being able to watch the racing at Fortuna in Chronomaster, and I had far too much fun reading Alien Speedway(both can be attributed to my favorite author Roger Zelazny!)

I’m not one for NASCAR, but I like sci-fi racing. Don’t ask.

At any rate, I was quite thrilled to read about the new racers that are being developed for the X Prize Cup! Perhaps I’ll finally get my dream of space racing. Maybe this is the launchpad to get us to the mecha racing of IGPX! That would just be cool!


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