My Cartoon Obsession Had a Good Time Yesterday

(You know I’m too busy when I can’t manage to react to Saturday morning cartoons until Sunday afternoon. But I’m now sitting here listening to Descendants of Darkness and trying to slog through several projects this afternoon.)

So…yeasterday, 4Kids sort of launched their new season. Most of the time, a Saturday morning premiere would actually premiere new seasons of old shows and new shows together. However, Viva Pinata and the new season of TMNT premiered a couple of weeks ago. Chaotic isn’t slated to premiere for a couple of weeks, and I’m still waiting to hear when Winx Club’s premiere will be.

All of that said, I sat through the re-premieres of Viva Pinata (which I will more than likely never watch again because it makes my brain hurt in a variety of ways) and TMNT: Fast Forward, the return of Sigma Six to the 4Kids line-up (and I suspect they’ve changed Duke’s voice actor. Even if they didn’t, something’s different, and I find it far more acceptable!), and the introduction of the new Yu-Gi-Oh series (which was nice. I felt like I was actually watching Yu-Gi-Oh again, something I haven’t felt since the end of Waking the Dragons. It did worry me a bit, though, because I found myself cheering for Tea.)

I was in the middle of the second Viva Pinata episode when David walked in and asked me what happened to the WB’s line-up. To the best of my knowledge, the WB (or is it CW now?) is premiering their line-up in the next week or two, but apparently they decided to run something on Donald Trump yesterday. (Perhaps we could throw him into the Yugiverse and let Pegasus turn him into a toon!)

As the millionth commercial bragged that Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monsters can only be found among its 4Kids brethren now, it occured to me that for the first time, 4Kids has all of its Saturday morning offerings in one place. It almost makes my life simple because it means I’m not forced to make difficult decisions when I’m setting up the VCR before work every Saturday morning (almost, since Nickelodeon has moved Avatar to the 11:00 hour, right against Sigma Six, which I’m not willing to give up).

It also occured to me that the WB had two shows last from their launch to their wrap-up: Seventh Heaven…and Pokemon. I know that one of the new Pokemon series/seasons is supposed to show up in the new Saturday morning line-up, but I had the opportunity to check out the other night what I expect will be the last Pokemon episodes I ever watch. Most of the sound-alike cast isn’t that bad, really. The only problem I have (and he was much better Friday night than he was a couple of months ago) is Brock, and I think that’s widely because Brock was my favorite character and Eric Stuart is one of my favorite voice actors. Not that his replacement is bad…he’s just not Mr. Stuart.

Of course, I realize that I’ll be lucky to get to watch much of my Saturday morning cartoons outside of torrents for the next couple of months. The joy of living on the West Coast is that the local baseball team gets to pre-empt cartoons for their eastern games. I wouldn’t mind so much if the Mariners were a better team, but prehaps they will be better this year.


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