Media Grrl vs. Real Grrl

Sorry for the accidental theme, but it’s been one of those weeks!

FastCompany shared an interesting article last week on the gap between the current generation of girls and their media counterparts. It appears that as the media throws more sexy, unrealistic images at today’s girls, girls may be responding by being more modest, self-respecting, and intellgient.

These girls are benefitting from those of us who didn’t accept the status quo and challenged the barriers before us, and they’re doing their part to keep up the tradition. This is great news, especially when you consider how negative most of the images we’re shown are.

Just once, I think I’d like to see a modest, intelligent, self-confident woman in a show, a movie, or a commerical who wasn’t the butt of the jokes. (There’s a chip commercial out right now that really bugs me because of this.) Let’s face it, the girl factor needs a good and serious role model. We keep getting glimmers of hope, but as has been pointed out, her tragic section of her hero’s journey often involves an attack on her femininity or her inherent weakness as a female.

Maybe that’s it. Somehow, someone somewhere needs to take the Hero’s Journey as is, and create a good, modern, believable woman to go through the entire cycle. Someone to represent the modern Everywoman, as it were. Maybe it’d be a start in the right direction.


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