My Mother, The Geek; or Modeling Lifelong Learning Behaviors

Mom hates being the star of my blog posts, but she really is a neat woman. They say that most habits and attitudes a child has toward learning are shaped by the parents’ habits, and my mom is a great example of that.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has never been afraid to learn new things. When she wants to try out a new crafting technique, she finds resources to help her, sits down, and learns it. Lately, she’s been trying to increase her geek factor, and naturally she’s winning. She finds a problem to tackle on the computer, and again finds resources and educates herself enough to handle the problem.

Is it any wonder, then, that I do the same thing? Any time I’m confronted with something I don’t know, I don’t think twice about hunting down a book, an expert, a collection of web resources, etc. I have Mom to blame for that.

Think about how you approach learning. Do you seek out learning experiences, opportunities for growth? How do you go about doing that? What would someone else learn from watching your activities as a lifelong learner?


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