Labels Make No Sense

I awoke this morning to find a blog entry I wrote earlier in the week has been making the rounds through feminist blogs. Apparently, it was pulled for a feminist carnival. (I’ve never seen a carnival post something not submitted by the author.)

In perusing these blogs, I discovered my personal blog listed on one site’s blogroll under the “Geeky Feminist” category.


Okay, granted, I prefer to hang out with people more geeky than me. As a result, I tend to think of myself as not a geek. I’m often the one who gets to resolve computer issues for the kids at work, the one coworkers and family come to with minor computer issues. Thing 1 keeps telling me I do actually have some computer geekiness to me.

(Of course, if we go with the geek of all flavors theory, then Thing 2 and most of my students would tell you I’m an anime geek, or just a flat-out animation geek.)

I don’t feel like much of a geek, but people around me see me that way. Still, I’m not comfortable being grouped with geeks because I feel it’s somehow an insult to more geeky geeks.

Strangely enough, the geek part of the label isn’t the one that concerned me. Being labeled a feminist really didn’t sit well with me. The simple fact of the matter is: I’m not a feminist. A tomboy, yes. Someone who agrees with the definition of feminism as accepting the radical notion women are people, too, sure. But I’m really not a feminist. I don’t feel particularly oppressed. Lost opportunities were lost, not because I am a woman, but because I didn’t present myself as strongly as I could have.

I’m bothered…somehow or other, there is a group of feminists that thinks I’m one of their kin. I wonder how quickly I’d be pulled from that blogroll if they knew that I support women exploring all their options and choosing the path that best fits their desires, even if that means being a stay-at-home mom.


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