A Change of Approach to Motivating

I’ve been struggling with motivation issues for nearly a month now. Normally, I set up a to-do list and giggle with great glee as the list gets shorter and shorter. I like shrinking to-do lists, but for some reason that simple joy wasn’t enough to keep me moving.

Yesterday, it briefly occured to me that perhaps I should approach my list differently to see if it re-energizes my motivation. I wrote out every single task that I need to do, no matter how small, and erased my whiteboard. The space normally reserved for my to-do list is now labelled “I’ve accomplished”, and I write every completed task, no matter how small. Seeing the growing list seems to be keeping me motivated to keep adding to the list, so this is working for now.

Sometimes, motivation flags because we get into ruts. Changing my mindset is helping me work around my motivation issues. What helps you when your motivation goes on vacation?

Originally posted at 100Bloggers


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