I’m So Easily Amused

4Kids appears to have partnered up with the CDC’s Youth Campaign (which is one of the most useful teaching tools ever, by the way). It’s nice to see 4Kids get involved. Then again, I’ve decided 4Kids needs a serious educational component to it.

Anyway, back on track, the resulting commercials have been quite amusing. I ran into one yesterday featuring Michaelangelo. It really played out more like a commercial for the show, so it wasn’t until the “Verb. It’s what you do.” screen that I realized what I’d been watching.

The one I saw this morning had me laughing so hard I fell off my chair (literally). This one was more clear that it was a Verb commercial. It was clips from the new Yu-Gi-Ohcartoon, but the lines had all been changed. Each member of the geek squad was saying something they enjoyed doing. The best was perhaps Yugi’s. He’s running away from an insect monster and says that it’s a great way to stay in shape. Atem appears behind him and says, “You need to find a new hobby.”

And that would be where Kiry fell off her chair and almost stopped breathing.

The commercial was really cute to begin with, but Atem smack talking Yugi deliberately was just plain awesome!

(This, right on the heels of watching James of Team Rocket give one of Tea Gardner’s friendship speeches repeatedly last night. And people wonder why I have so much fun watching 4Kids cartoons.)

(It’s also just occurred to me that i just came in from my walk, where I was listening to…the soundtrack from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie. Speaking of someone in need of a new hobby…*wink*)


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