No, I’ve Never Been Quite This Bored

I have now added to my list of questions for voice actors, should I ever meet them.

The list was:
“So, Mr. Stuart, what exactly is the meaning of the word ‘quantum’?” (This is assuming I could manage to get out two words to Eric Stuart to begin with.)

You can now add:
“Mr O’Brien, what is up with you and characters who don’t talk.”

I’ve wasted some five hours of my life, half an hour at a time, watching Naruto recently. It started when I was getting ready to watch One Piece and noticed Liam O’Brien’s name in the Naruto list. Finding his character was relatively simple. I had only seven words to do it with.

Of course, being me, I wanted more. The guys kept telling me there was this Rock Lee/Gaara fight coming up. It finally showed up tonight. I’m really not feeling well, so I sat there and stared at the episode.

I can now tell you that Gaara speaks 42 words in the entirety of that episode, 33 of which are in a five-minute period. The longest string of words he utters is 16 words. When Gaara says more than ten words at a time, he doesn’t sound like Hisoka. When he says fewer than ten words, he does.

I can also tell you that Gaara makes Hisoka look like an utter chatterbox. Like, teenage girl level of chatterbox!

And now, I’m going to try to make it to One Piece, but the odds are severely not in my favor. Instead, I shall just dream about Chopper!


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