EverNote Has Truly Become My Workspace

I seem to have become a champion for EverNote. It’s just as well. I spend about as much time in EverNote as I do in Firefox.

This week alone, I’ve used EverNote to:

  • manage an out-of-control to-do list (it’s truly been wild over the past week)
  • prewrite blog entries for the blogs I contribute to
  • start planning for a guest blogging opportunity coming up next month
  • plan out copy for some jewelry posted to Etsy over the weekend
  • keep track of edits made in Photoshop so I could duplicate effects on future images
  • write and edit an article to be shared at Gather and EducationNiche

Part of why I’ve started working more in EverNote is because it keeps track of previous versions of a note. If I can’t remember where I was going with something or how I got there, all I have to do is access the older versions to get myself back on track. It’s also very easy to move around between notes if I’m merging information. It even keeps track of the web sites I’ve pulled information from, making it that much easier to link back or give credit.

We all work in our own ways I guess, but EverNote really does just work for all of my tasks.


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