Looking Into the History of Manga/Anime

I teach in a tutoring center. Many of the students who I click with are the ones who are fans of manga and/or anime, mainly because I’m the only teacher in the building who enjoys them. Seeing the way students respond to me when they find out I read manga and watch anime, a fellow (younger) teacher asked to be introduced to a good anime. I showed her Fruits Basket, and now she’s reading the manga.

Over the weekend, another (older) teacher started asking me about manga and anime. She’ll be borrowing the first Fruits Basket manga and the inaugural copy of Shojo Beat this week to check it out for herself, and she’s hunting down anime to watch (Given who she is, this is absolutely adorable!!! I’d pay good money to watch her stumble onto Dragonball Z or Ghost in the Shell!). While we were chatting, she asked me to explain anime and manga, and so I told her what I knew, which amounted to the two different stories I know about how anime came to be and the difference between shounen and shoujo.

For as much time as I spend on anime and manga, it occurs to me that I really don’t know enough about either, and I want to. I’m espeically interested in clarifying the true story of how anime came into beingand what influenced the development of the artistic style seen in many anime/manga.

Does anyone have any good resources they would recommend for someone wanting to look more at the history and technique sides of anime and manga?


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