Develop Creativity

Feeling like the Creativity Fairy passed you by? You can do a few small things to help jump start and grow your own creativity skills.

  1. Start an inspiration journal- A book filled with quotes and images that inspire you can be the best place to jump start your creativity.
  2. Vary your routine- Try taking a different route between your home and your workplace. If you normally do tasks in a certain order, change the order slightly.
  3. Ask “What If”- You can keep doing everything the same way, but let’s face it- ruts aren’t healthy! When you find yourself about to do something, say to yourself, “Sure, but what if I did it this way instead?”
  4. Start doing pencil puzzle books. The point in many of the puzzles common to these books is to get you to think beyond the normal. Non-pencil puzzles like tangrams, Block by Block, or Rush Hour are also great for this!
  5. Take up an artistic hobby. It’s amazing how many ideas come when you start exploring the arts, even if all you’re doing is trying to decide whether to color Goldilocks’ hair lemon yellow or goldenrod.
  6. If art isn’t your thing, you might also try writing. Give yourself five to ten minutes each day to respond to a prompt. I’m currently a big fan of OneWord, but any set of writing prompts will do the trick!

Creativity is a skill that develops when we open ourselves to possibilities we haven’t considered, when we choose to not accept tradition or the norm. It doesn’t have to be anything radical, but it allows for a wider possibiltiy of solutions to problems because you are more accustomed to looking for unusual, and possibly simpler solutions.


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