House of Mouse Links to the 4Kids Fan Girl

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed something odd in the logs of both sites. I’ve been getting a number of visitors from Disney’s website. I tried to go explore, see if i could figure out where they’re coming from, but I couldn’t even find a forum. I may have missed it, despite using the site map, but if anyone can shed some light on why the House of Mouse has a link to my sites, I’m all ears.

Ten years ago, when I had my brief fascination with the Disney Afternoon, it might have made sense. It was about the best game in town from an animation standpoint, and I was hooked on most of the earlier cartoons. I still get very excited when I have the opportunity to watchDarkwing Duck or Gargoyles.

But time changed, and so did I. I left Disney for the WB’s line-up. I left the WB’s line-up against my will to watch Digimon. I returned to the WB just in time to get sucked in by Jackie Chan Adventures and Yu-Gi-Oh, and rediscovered the joy of sitting around (gerting a lot of work done to, actually) watching (listening to, actually) cartoons. While I may have been excited to find Michael Bell and Jim Cummings through different Disney cartoons, I’m far more excited these days to locate a long list of actors across the 4Kids cartoons.

Over the past year, I’ve become a serious 4Kids fan girl. Don’t believe me, search this blog! And now I’m a 4Kids fan girl who cannot figure out why she’s receiving traffic from Disney.


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