Creating Strong Female Characters

I have found the best blog ever! Even better, the blogger offers this great article on how to build a strong female character, complete with great, relevant examples.

Comic books, much like the action cartoons I’ve always favored, have almost always had the token girl. As a fiercely independent girl, I always noticed these characters, and frequently recognized they weren’t characters I wanted to be like when I grew up. It was nice to see girls playing with the boys, going where the boys went, but more often than not they were window dressing. It was annoying.

Even now as an adult, I’m horrified at what passes for girl characters in action cartoons. My favorite example of this is Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner on Yu-Gi-Oh. Here’s as girl who runs with the guys, is set up to be assertive and compassionate at the same time; she seems like she might actually break out and be a good character. As Anzu, she managed to mostly be this person. Tea, unfortunately, fell apart around a repeated friendship speech that was tired the first time she delivered it and then managed to be nothing but part of the backdrop for ninety percent of the series.

Granted, I’m not quite a feminist (beyond having that crazy notion that women are people, too), but this is a fabulous blog, and this article is a great wake-up call. One can only hope I’ll take it to heart while working on my own pieces!


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