Organizing by Evernote

I have been a huge fan of EverNote. I have no memory of how I learned of this delightful product, but it is my favorite organizing tool. I love the way you can store all manner of information in there, rearrange and group it to your heart’s content, and retrieve information you may have accidentally removed from a note!

It’s perfect for me!

Admittedly, a couple of months ago, I went insane. I had the opportunity to explore Writer’s Cafe, so I turned away from the writing section of my EverNote. Writer’s Cafe is interesting once you figure out what you can and can’t do with it, but everything I do with it can be done better and more easily with EverNote and a blog or online journal.

For me, I like to keep all of my notes on a writing project in one place where I can easily flip through them. Writer’s Cafe never quite met that promise for me. EverNote, on the other hand, has always been invaluable that way (plus that whole archiving of old note versions is great for retrieving information you initially discarded, but now need).

I’m going to keep exploring Writer’s Cafe to see if I can actually get it to work in the fashion my brain does, but I’m making notes at EverNote, too, just so I can organize my projects!


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