That Man Still Baffles Me!

All right, I’ve written in the past about my surprise at Eric Stuart’s apparent reticence to go anywhere near his fans.

Now, he (or someone) has set up a MySpace for him. What a lovely early birthday present, right? Except for one small detail…you can’t friend him unless he knows you personally. Call me crazy, but this doesn’t really help you connect with fans.

(Of course, I was automatically suspicious of the account because celebrities are easy to impersonate. I became more suspicious when the verification came up because I know some of what can trigger that. At least I have a decent reason to be suspicious.)

On the up side, regardless of whether or not it’s the apparently shy Mr. Stuart, at least I can now enter music when I’m blogging. I was really annoyed when I could easily link to Macross Plus and both Yami no Matsuei soundtracks, but couldn’t link to Blue, Dressed in Black.

Admittedly, it would actually be a cool birthday present to be able to add Mr. Stuart to my friends list, given how many of my own friends have had to put up with my playing his music frequently, but alas it does not seem to be possible.


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