Taking Inspiration From Others

This showed up in a recent newsletter on deviantArt:

This week I thought I would change the pace a bit and give you all…an assignment! Of sorts that is. When you look around deviantART, you see, well, art primarily, and you also read some fascinating journals to get insight into the minds of people and what drives them to create the work they create. In the process, you will often times find yourself inspired to go open Photoshop, Word, grab a sketchbook ( you know, those funky things with blank paper inside them ), or whatever your preferred medium and create your own work.

Sometimes the inspiration runs a bit deeper and actually affects how you view your life, the world, or someone else’s life. Sometimes being inspired is a dramatic epiphany, right there in front of you and almost tangible, other times it is more subtle and you may not realize that something was an influence till much later on. Given the amount of potential for these sorts of happenings within this community what I would like to see from you guys is this, tell me a story. Of one specific incident or deviant who has inspired you in some way shape or form. Be as detailed as you would like. You can submit it as whatever form of writing you would like and leave a link to it in this article, or even better you can post it as a comment here on this news article. I will read through each and every one of them and post some of them next week. This isn’t a contest by any means, just a chance to maybe spread some further inspiration to your fellow artists.

While we do strive for inspiration from within ourselves and the world around us, sometimes the best inspiration comes from riffing off another artist (and I can’t tell you how much I love that the word “riff” is expanding to other areas). Done well, it can even be a compliment to the original artist. (Done poorly, it’s a copyright suit waiting to happen!)


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