A Groovy New Workspace

A few years ago, when I had my first computer, I used the clip feature included with Microsoft Binder to get work done. It got me through grad school, but wasn’t really conducive to getting much else done.

Over the past several months, I’ve experimented with both Backpack and Pageflakes, trying to create a workspace. While each had their strengths, neither ended up having any staying power with me!

Recently, Google released their Notebook. I added it to my cadre of Google products I already use, installed the extension for Firefox, and over the weekend created my first Notebook!

So far so good. It clips more easily than anything I’ve used, including EverNote (which, for some unknown reason, is no longer in my menus on Firefox). It’s simple to organize into groups. Moving items around, even between groups is fairly painless. I’m pleased!

If I can get through this project without losing my cool with Google Notebook, then it might just have to join the list as one of my favorite tools!


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