Another Great Name Makes Itself Known

Over the past month or so, there has been construction just south of the mall I work near. Early last week, they complete construction, and a bright, colorful banner was draped on the facade.

Somehow or other (probably due to the abnormally large amount of stress I’ve been under this week), I managed to completely miss it until Thursday night. I’m lucky I didn’t hit anybody. I was laughing pretty hard.

This new business, a company that specializes in imported furniture, is called “Far-Fetched Imports”!

We normally think of far-fetched as being something that is just outlandish, but in this case it really works with that alternate meaning. The inventory was fetched from afar. I couldn’t have been more amused!

Edit (May 2009): Last night, I drove past Far-Fetched Imports and saw a “Going out of business” sign.


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