Unleash Yourself Through Writing

I’ve decided brainstorming is a lost art. I can remember being a child in elementary school, being given a specific topic, and given a time limit to write down as many things as we could think of relating to a topic. This was often before starting a project to help us come up with ideas for what we wanted to do.

Over the course of my life, I’ve brainstormed for everything from curriculum development to entries for artistic competitions (the most common use of brainstorming for me). I’m trying to teach my writing students to brainstorm as they begin each paper to help them get started and get focused. Some take to it. Some look at me like I’ve grown another head.

Brainstorming of any sort is a wonderful exercise, espeically if you just let yourself relax into it. It’s creative. It’s problem solving. It’s applicable to so many areas of our lives.

Inspired by this post at Lifehacker


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