Religion in Egypt

A couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued by the sudden appearance of this repeated idea of Christian and Egyptian practices blending. This past week, I’ve been grading projects for a local high school, many of which centered around modern-day Egypt.

It was really interesting to read these projects, especially where they touched on religious matters. For example, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all practiced in Egypt. However, only Islam is recognized by the state. To build churches, fees and such have to be paid. Openly practicing Jews and Christians are persecuted for their beliefs.

Then, one of their presidents adopted the name Mohammed before his name. Mohammed being the great prophet, this showed that the man identified with the Islamic faith. He then claimed he was akin to the Pharaohs of long ago. Pharaoh was thought to be god on earth. In one brilliant move, this man presented himself as strong in the Islamic faith and put himself on level with the once divine rule of Egypt.

Really, it’s just fascinating to read and think about!


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