It’s Like a Band-Aid

When I meet a new student, I like to talk to them and find out how school is going. Oftentimes, they’ll tell me that the subject they’re studying in the center is one they don’t want to work on because they don’t like it. It’s too hard. It’s stupid. The teacher is stupid.

These students are so afraid to deal with the subject that they often dig themselves neat little holes by not turning in homework and then failing exams. That’s when they come to spend a few months with us. We try to explain to them the importance of doing the homework, even offering homework support. If the student thinks the subject is too hard, they’ll balk at every turn (even when they start doing it and do it well).

As you can imagine, with over a year of this under my belt, I really identified with this article on how to approach tough subjects. I’ve always been the sort to get past difficult subjects quickly, just to get them over with. For those many, many students I know who think avoidance is better then confrontation, these steps are something that might just get printed off and stuck in my box!


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