I Have an Award For Musical Interpretation

I’ve been talking with someone about my musical background. Not many people realize I have one, but more people are learning about it.

The guy I was talking to is a DJ who “creates” music by mixing things together. Not exactly creating by my definition, but it led to an interesting conversation.

I can’t create music. I’ve never been able to create music. We had assignments in band in middle school where we had to compose pieces. I attacked them with great vigor, but never was able to get my composition out of my head and onto the staff paper. Interestingly, this is the same hang-up I have with drawing.

I can, however, interpret music. You give me a piece, and I will interpret it! If it needs a dance, I will choreograph it. If it needs to be sung, I will sing it (and generally have the lyrics memorized in no time flat). If it needs to be played…well, my recorder is in Texas and my piano skills are rusty, but I would make it work somehow.

Music is one of my natural intellgences. I can’t imagine not having it around or not being able to work with it. It’s one of my relaxation methods!


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