C is For Leadership

When I was in high school, I had to take a leadership development class as part of being in JROTC. It was usually little more than a study hall, but occasionally, we read our book or discussed something sort of relevant to leadership development.

One of the few things I took away from that class was the four Cs of leadership: commitment, candor, competency, and courage.

They all made sense to my teenage brain. You had to be willing to stay with something, to see it through. You had to be honest, with yourself and with others about the situation: past, present, and future. You had to be competent (the area I think most leaders fall apart on). You had to brave to make the decision that was right, but unpopular.

Apparently, there are now six Cs of leadership: courage, creativtiy, compassion, caring, curiosity, consistency. I fail to see the difference between compassion and caring, just as I fail to see how commitment, candor, and competency all missed this list.

I do, however, think that in today’s society, all of these Cs really do combine into the makings of potentially great leadership.

Now if only “flexibility” fit into the Cs!

Found via the Innovation Weblog.


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