These Are a Few of My Favorite Tools

We’ve been having all kinds of router problems at home this week, so I’ve spent the better part of the week becoming better acquainted with the local library (which has an unfortunately sterile feeling to it…not entirely dissimilar from the main Seattle library, actually).

When I don’t have access to the internet, the first thing I do is start making a list of everything I can work on that doesn’t require the internet. For the most part, this is not a big deal. I can generally glean two or three days of offline activities to work on. This is largely due, in part, that I started realizing I couldn’t leave my entire life online.

Where I used to keep everything in a couple of very specific places online for portability, I now just take the laptop with me and use some tools I can use even when the web is down, and I thought I’d share some of them.

The tools in this list are ones that I use daily:

Mozilla Calendar– If I have internet access, then I have Firefox and Calendar running together, but if the internet isn’t working, then I can still access my calendar. One of my favorite bits about this tool is that you can create different calendars, and then toggle which ones you want to look at. You can also organize your to-do list to be grouped with a specific calendar. This has proven to be a wonderful thing!

EverNote– Mozilla Calendar doesn’t have a note section, but that’s all right. I’m kind of turning my EverNote into a Rebecca encyclopaedia. Every to-do list, every idea, every project, everything I need to access quickly. I just have to keep it organized and not let it get out of hand! I would be utterly lost without EverNote!

RoughDraft and OpenOffice– It’s generally a good bet that I’ll have one or the other during the day. I use RoughDraft for all of my writing because I’m in love with the pad feature. I use OpenOffice for all of my editing because it’s easier to use, and will save things into a .doc format (which most people seem to prefer so far).

Trillian– If I’m on my computer and my computer is online, Trillian is open. I’ve discovered that if people can’t find me on Trillian, I suddenly find my phone ringing off the hook. It’s sad but true.

Winamp– I don’t work well in silence, and now that I’m on a laptop with a working CD drive, I have all of my CDs on here so I can just listen to them. It’s pretty nice, actually, even if I tend to spend most of my time these days listening to either anime soundtracks (like I am at the moment) or voice actors who also sing.

We all have our favorites we can’t live without, and now you know mine!


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