I Am a Dead Bunny

That’s how one of the younger writing students remembers me now.

Last week, I was working wwith this student on prepositions. I don’t know how anybody else laerned prepositions, but I had to watch this dorky video about a rabbit and a box. At least, the rabbit was cute! So, I was using the idea of a rabbit and a box to teach the student. I made a little bunny with one hand and a box with the other (t was a fist, but she got the point).

I kept making the rabbit hand do things in relation to the box hand, trying to help her see diffferent prepositions. At one point, my little rabbit was jumping off the the box, and the student kept saying “over”. Trying to get her to say “off”, I had the bunny fall sideways off the box. The student gleefully said, “The bunny falls off the box and dies!” She even drew a picture of it on her worksheet.

We finally managed to get to an understanding that the preposition was “off”, but when she saw me yesterday, she pointed at me and said, “Dead bunny!” I just walked past and said, “Yep, that’s me. I’m a dead bunny.” I don’t think the teacher was particularly amused. I was. After all, I am a Rabbit.

A Rabbit who will forever be “Dead Bunny” to one of her students.

…and that student will never forget prepositions again!


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