Glazing Hopi Pottery

I have, however, been known to enjoy sifting and sorting th rough pottery shards. One of my favorite activities in elementary school was when we were creating pottery just to break it and create shards! I thought that was great! I worked extra hours in my Collections Management class in grad school working to sort the shards assigned to my team because it was so much fun!

Part of the fun in working with these shards is that you can imagine the artisans who created it, what they had to work with. You can think about the people who used the pottery before it was destroyed. It’s a very imagination-evoking bit of busy work. I had never given any thought to how the pottery was prepared or fired, but this article really intrigued me. I’ve been fascinated with the Hopi since I was a child, and these pieces are absolutely beautiful.

I think I’m going to be daydreaming in pottery shards for a few days!


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