My Technical Design Notebook

Okay, that’s misleading. It sounds like I should be looking at technical design. I don’t even know if that’s a real thing. What I meant to imply is that i wanted to brag on the software I like to use as one of my design notebooks. In a way, it’s my main one because it houses information for every single one of my design areas in lovely folders that I can shift and play with as needed. It also does a very neat job of housing all of my to-do lists, making it far easier to construct and manage my main to-do list.

I like this.

As you may have noticed just from looking around my gallery, I seem to have my hand in a variety of creative projects at any given point in time, so having somewhere to dump notes, ideas, inspirations, and other useful information is just a happy thing. Keeping it all in one place gives me the additional benefit of looking at something and deciding if it would actually benefit more than one project.

I’ve been using EverNote for probably a year now, and it really does help keep me on task and help me know what needs to be done, and what I want to accomplish.

Theoretically, it also tells me what I want to upload to here while I’m still wading through my earlier works, but it can’t help me decide if I want to focus this week on updating my writings, or try to upload more graphic design (or at least what passes for it with me) work.


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