Knowing Too Much is Sometimes a Bad Thing

I am an animation junkie. This much is already known.

I’ve become a 4Kids junkie. Again, no surprise there.

It probably comes as no surprise then that I tend to laugh a lot while watching any anime with 4Kids actors in it, even when the property in question isn’t a 4Kids piece. I’ve come to realize this is greatly because the 4Kids property I’ve spent the most time with is Yu-Gi-Oh. Honestly, once you’ve sat through a few Yu-Gi-Oh episodes, many anime just become funny.

I realized this last night as I sat here watching Yami no Matsuei. Any time I have to sit and listen to a certain actor play two characters who have to talk to each other, I die in a fit of giggles. Such is the case with One Piece. Such is the case with Yami no Matsuei. Heh.

Other gems have included watching most interactions between Michaelangelo, Raphael, and/or Donatello on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are some scenes in Yami no Matsuei where Watari and Tsuzuki are far more entertaining than they would normally be. Brock and Max have also been a source of great amusement.

It’s not always an interaction thing, though. I actually started learning about torrents over this one! I even have two screencaps to demonstrate! I like Yu-Gi-Oh. My favorite character is Seto Kaiba. I love Sigma Six. I absolutely adore Hi-Tech. Due to really bad weather, I was actually home Saturday morning, so I got to see Sigma Six. The Joes were supposed to be on a night out, and they were all in civies. There was one I didn’t recognize out of his uniform. I blame the goggles and headset. It wasn’t until they showed him from head to toe that I realized I was staring at Hi-Tech…in a white suit with a light blue tie. He spoke a minute later, confirming my suspicions, but I was already in pain form laughing so hard. My question is: did that suit get recolored, because I’m more than willing to bet that when it was drawn, the artist didn’t know that the voice actor who handles the dub for Seto Kaiba would also be handling the dub for Hi-Tech. Kaiba sported a white suit with a light blue tie for much of Yu-Gi-Oh’s sixth season. The only difference in the suits is that Kaiba’s shirt is light blue, and Hi-Tech’s is white.

Far, far too amusing!

I know…I need a life…Heh.


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