A Great Use for a Design Notebook

This may come as a great surprise to someone who reads this blog and loves me a great deal, but my design notebook isn’t organized. Nope. No organization to it whatsoever. When I want to update it, I find the first available page and writer or draw whatever it is I need to record on it.

As a result, my notebook is this lovely collage of designs in planning, finished designs, and other notes. One thing that I keep meaning to add to my notebook is inspiration for color combinations in my pieces. I enjoy monochromatic designs as much as the next person (they do have their place, don’t get me wrong), but it’s fun to introduce multiple colors into a design. It can actually increase the flexibility of a design.

Many artistic careers recommend keeping inspirations of color schemes in one’s design notebook. I think it’s a great idea for jewelry designers, too!


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