He’s Not Allowed to Be Charming…

I’m sitting here listening to a podcast panel interview with Dan Green. (This interview can now be found here.) This may have been a mistake.

He’s utterly charming, and isn’t afraid to make corny statements and to say, “Uh…,” every third word.

Absolutely adorable. Completely gracious.

Still can’t decide whether I prefer Green or Stuart. I’m actually starting to take a look at Wayne Grayson and Marc Thompson, just to get out of trying to make that decision. (I swear, I’m not anti the female cast of 4Kids. None of them really grab my attention and hold it like so many of the guys do. At the moment, I think it’d be safe to say the only actresses I completely enjoy are Liza Jacqueline and Priscilla Everett. I’d love to add Rachael Lillis to that list, but I have a very limited experience with her work.)

The questions are hilarious, and Green was an absolute riot answering them. Very personable, even when faced with questions on Yu-Gi-Oh slash. Something tells me a conversation with this guy would leave one in gales of laughter and feeling very relaxed.

I’d also like to point out that Green’s views on Seto Kaiba are similar to mine. It’s not just me!

Listening to this makes me wonder. I’ve heard rumors that Green works to make himself accessible to fans. I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t actually the truth. Kind of cool, at any rate.

Podcast over now. Link to the November post containing the podcast.


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