Yeah, That’s What Happen When You Move a Boulder Girl to Seattle

This Zits strip from the other day really kind of fits how I feel after last year.

I’m the girl who’s supposed to have her nose shoved far into a book at all times, putting the book down long enough to enjoy dancing and watching cartoons. Maybe the occasional video game (which reminds me, I have to try out We Love Katamari while we still have it borrowed from Sean!)

This morning, I debated picking up the book I’m currently reading to read on my walk. I seem to spend most of my day on my computer. If I’m not writing, I’m editing. If I’m doing neither, I’m uploading pieces onto, deviantArt, or both. Failing any of that, I’m blogging, or reading blogs, or working on one of my websites.

I’m still reading a ton, but I seem to very rarely have a real, honest-to-god paperback book in my hands these days. If you see me running around, I’m just as likely to have my computer and a mug full of tea or cocoa as have a book on me. I feel like I’ve traded the literate me who walked all over Boulder for a coffee shop-hopping me who depends on the kindness of those around her just to go a couple of miles.

Perhaps over 2006, I’ll find a middle ground between the me I was and the me I seem to have become.


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