Well, That Makes Sense….

Well, now that last post is making some sense. [dead link. Blog was sold to joystiq, who spat back Viva Pinata results for “pokemon 4kids”]

(When did this become a 4Kids blog? Heh.)

All right…so… After eight years, Pokemon moves away from 4Kids. Sad, that. I wonder what will become of their cast. That was my introduction to Eric Stuart’s work, and I think I can count all of Veronica Taylor’s current projects on one hand. Worry. Worry. Fret. (It does occur to me that I’m showing no concern toward the ever-talented Rachel Lillis or the equally talented Madeleine Blaustein. Heh.)

Of course, this is Yu-Gi-Oh’s last season on the air. That ought to make it very easy for 4Kids to pull their entire lineup into one Saturday morning run. It’s been weird having those two off in the WB’s line-up. Of course, the question from here is, when Pokemon reorganizes back to its original owner, will they still stay with the WB, or is the reason the AfterToons show collapsed because Pokemon’s future is so uncertain?

As much as I’m not a fan of Pokemon, this bears some watching.


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