Why I Teach

I love being asked why I teach. I’m absolutely passionate about my career. I’m often told my face just lights up when I start talking about what I do. Without teaching, I admittedly am little more than a sad little shell.

One might say that I teach because it’s what I’ve always done. I took over a Friday night session at my father’s church once as a child because the teacher failed to show up. Ever the leader, I seated the other children around me (they were anywhere from a few years younger than me to a few years older than me) and led a discussion on why we shouldn’t use drugs. Yep, I was a socially-minded little kid at the tender age of nine.

While I find myself naturally gravitating toward opportunities to teach or explain, I also find myself drawn toward opportunities to learn. Without a love and constant pursuit of learning, it becomes very difficult to be a good teacher.

I might tell you that i went into teaching because it comes so naturally. The truth of the matter, though, is that I teach because it provides me with such an incredible learning opportunity. I learn something from every single person I teach, be it a child or an adult. I learn about myself. I learn about them. I learn about various topics.

Some people go into teaching for a love of children, or because they’re passionate about the subject, or it’s a family tradition. Personally, I think I went in because of my natural curiosity!


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