Living Out a Kind of Daydream

Today, I kind of got to enjoy a fantasy. I got to work on a storyboard, be an ADR director, be an ADR voice actress, and be a foley artist. I like storyboarding. It’s fun! I totally aced the ADR director station! I totally screwed up the ADR voice work because I read half the lines at a normal pacing, when the scene called for a funky pacing. I should have re-tried it, but it was still fun! Then, I learned what a foley artist is. A foley artist is the person (normally a voice actor) who controls the sound effects. So, I got to do the sound effects for a scene. Definitely need some serious work in that department!

Where did I get to live out this little dream? The Oregon Museum of Science and Industryhas a temporary exhibition on animation sponsored by Cartoon Network. If you are anywhere near the Portland area, I highly recommend the exhibition. It was a blast!

Of course, I come home and pop in my newly recorded Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Descendants of Darkness episodes to watch!


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