A Reminder About Holiday Safety

One would think with all the heightened security that surrounds our daily lives, we would be mindful of our personal security. However, especially during the holidays, we can all become a bit relaxed about being mindful of our surroundings.

This afternoon, a girlfriend invited me to join her as she ran some errands. The afternoon was filled with laughter and good fellowship, and then we went to Wal-Mart. She needed to pick up a movie for her brother, and I found an inexpensive space heater to help take some of the chill off my room at night. After seeing the incredibly long lines at the front registers, we decided to go check out in the electronics department.

I quickly found a spot in line at one of the registers while she walked off to pick out her movie. I noticed a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) floating toward the back of the other register’s lne. He wandered back and forth for a bit, and then moved over behind me. I had already noticed that he had nothing in his hands, but there he was getting in line behind me…really close behind me. I turned to look for my friend and looked the man straight in the eyes before subtly shifting my purse forward. By the time my friend joined me in line, the man had drifted away from me..

We soon got to the register and I told the cashier about the man and what had happened. She quickly called Loss Prevention and explained the situation. It turned out that they had a sheriff in the building today, and the cameras in the electronics department quickly picked the man up and followed him out of the department and through the store. I have no idea what became of the man, but I know that he did not make a victim out of me.

Please, as you are out this holiday season, please be mindful of your surroundings. Less than honest people love this time of year becasue we’re so wrapped up in preparing for the holidays that we often overlook very obvious things that we would normally notice and guard against.


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