The Meaning of a Simple Flower

This morning (the clock on my computer rolled over to noon as I typed that), I learned something new. Nothing noteworthy about that, as I tend to meet my daily goal of learning something new every day.

This morning’s lesson was that “daisy” came from “day’s eye”. Now, daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I like them so much that when a fellow player in a game asked me what my character’s favorite flower was, I replied, “Daisies,” without even thinking about it. (My character had a gardening habit, and the person, now a dear friend, was creating a game fic about our characters and needed to know.) I like daisies so much that my first graders this summer learned very quickly that a handful of hand-picked daisies would reduce punishment from a morning of misbehaving. (I was showered in daisies every single morning that week, even when the kids had a great morning. Such sweet boys!)

So, I like daisies, but that’s not what makes the etymology amusing to me. I like to know how words and phrases came into being, but again that’s not what’s so interesting.

What is interesting and even amusing is that when I’m not wearing a piece of handmade jewelry, more often than not I’m wearing a simple silver chain with an all-seeing eye on it. A charm I’d love to have another copy of to put on a hand-made necklace. I’d also wear other Egyptian eye symbols if I had them handy. As a child, I enjoyed making God’s eyes! As a young adult, the best thing I could draw were cat’s eyes, and I like to use fiber-optic cat’s eyes in my jewelry because I love the whole fabricated ability to wink like a real tiger’s eye!

So, I love daisies. I have a weird fascination with eye symbols. The whole thing just felt very amusing.


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