The Cat Editor

My cat recently decided to start forgiving me for our rather nomadic year. I’m grateful. I was missing that little black ball of fur.

Of course, now that she’s decided she loves me again, she’s reasserting her roles in my life.

In the past, she was my cuddle bear who liked to try to assist with needlepoint and macrame jewelry projects whenever possible. She also had an affinity for Tomb Raiderand stealing jump rings from my workspace.

Now, however, she’s matured. She still likes to curling up and sleeping with me. She’ll even snuggle my stuffed animals if I’m not available. She sniffs my tea to make sure it’s safe and she monitors my internet use to make sure I’m not going to cat-unfriendly sites. (Her favorite site appears to be She sleeps on my newly washed laundry to make sure I’ve folded it well, and my favorite jacket to keep it nice and warm for me. (Hey, I’m allowed to be delusional.)

She’s also decided to take an active role in my writing career. I tend to write sprawled out on my bed with either a sprial or my laptop in front of me. Liz takes a great deal of delight of walking across my workspace and stopping right in between me and whichever medium I’m writing in. I have to force her to move on. It’s great. I love that my cat takes this great interest in reading my raw writing (only my camp kids ever showed any interest in that). She sits on my notebook when I’m working on a critical scene or trying to get something down before I forget it. She paws at me to play with her when I’m trying to figure out how my most familiar character would react to something just thrown at him.

Really…she might be the best editor a girl could ever hope for!

Of course, some things never change. I’ve been reading the Paths of Darkness omnibus lately, and she came today to sit on the book while I’m trying to read Sea of Swords. When I read Sea of Swords after it first came out, she frequently came over to sit on the book. I’ll never know what she has against that book, but it’s quite obviously not her favorite Salvatore book.


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