Why I Still Watch Cartoons

I admit it, I’m an adult who still watches cartoons. Generally, this isn’t an embarrassing thing. I think it’s my current viewing choices that make me want to hide the fact I still watch cartoons.

The simple fact is, though, I really don’t watch cartoons for the story line. I watch because I’ve always been a fan of animation. There is so much work that goes into making a twenty-two minute cartoon (probably more than I am aware of), and yet there are series that run five years or more (all Looney Toons variants and the omnipresent Pokemon both come to mind).

When you consider that up until five or ten years ago these were all done by hand, that’s pretty impressive. Twenty twenty-two minute episodes takes more work than one ninety-minute movie. The continuity in character design and setting design is more stressful because you are taking the opportunity to present characters in many more settings and situations.

The situation is a bit simpler now that computers can aid in the animation process, but I will still be a total sucker for any animation with hand-drawn cels and the extremely rare handmade in-betweeners. Each episode is generally an accomplishment in its own right.

So, yeah, I watch cartoons, and I have a great deal of respect for those who pursue careers in animation.

This is theoretically going to be a two-part series, but I’m having the worst time trying to decide how I want to handle the other half which will relate to why I respect voice actors.


2 thoughts on “Why I Still Watch Cartoons

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