Designing for a Friend

I’ve decided to give the story post idea another try. If the picture doesn’t show up correctly, the image is located here

This piece was pretty challenging for me. At this point, I had been making chain mail jewelry for about a year when a friend asked me to design a silver ring for her. This friend already had a necklace I had made for her birthday the previous summer, and loved it so much that she wanted another piece.

I had never given any thought to making a ring in chain mail before, so I took my time planning it out. This was, of course, while I was preparing for my comprehensive exams in grad school. Not exactly a lot of free time to devote.

The week of my comps, I was sitting in my friends’ apartment working on some other jewelry pieces when the ring design suddenly occured to me. I threw this design together in five hours. (Morgie’s ring doesn’t have a bead in it.)

The biggest challenge in this design, both with and without a bead, is in the completion. The rings were made with rings with an inner diameter of 3.5mm, so they were awkward to work with, and closing off a small band of small rings was quite easily the most stressful and difficult task I’ve ever attempted in my brief jewelry design career.

In the end, Morgie loved her ring and wore it proudly!


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