Sometimes, the Best Choice is Storytelling

After my very crazy weekend, I didn’t get much prep time for camp today. I had no earthly idea how I was going to start my second lesson this morning.

According to the curriculum guide, I was supposed to put up seven stars to represent Ursa Major. Fine. In my pavilion? Right. I was pretty nervous about this.

Somewhere between the beginning and ending of the first break, the part of me that spent four years teaching in planetaria kicked in. When we got back, I cut out the seven stars to create Ursa Major and started weaving my story, an old Puebloan myth of how Coyote filled the night sky. In the process, to demonstrate Coyote throwing Bear into the air, I put up the seven stars. I then used it to segue into the Greek myth of Callisto and her son.

Apparently, my storytelling mojo was completely on. Not only did I have my own kids enthralled, but the other kids in the pavilion were completely distracted by my story as well. That will pull a bit of the punch tomorrow when I have to teach the same lesson to the kids, but I’ll handle it.

Not bad for someone who often feels her storytelling skills are out of shape!


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