I’m a Very Tolerant Person. No, Really! I Am!

I recently came across a post on the old Blues Eyes, Brown Eyes exercise from the 60s, and it reminded me of when we had to watch this video as part of our diversity awareness in a graduate education class.

Aside from the Brave New World-style brainwashing terms, it was really interesting to watch these poor, dear children taught a lesson in discrimination from both sides of the coin. What I thought was even more interesting was that our professor told us that this same teacher conducted this same experiment repeatedly throughout her career with the same results. Apparently in later years, parents felt that the experiment had no place in their child’s classroom and fought against her teaching it.

The method may have been a little extreme, but I’m willing to bet that most of the students who went through that experiment probably think carefully before they take a hurtful action toward somebody who’s different from them. It’s a lesson that we can all learn from, especially from the children who started out discriminated against and then became the majority.


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