Searching My Character’s Souls

I’m sitting here watching National Treasure while I’ve been working on this and preparing to work on some other tasks. I love relic hunter movies. They’re generally full of action, have at least one strong female character, and a bunch of myths that are either presented in part or completely wrong.

It reminds me that I have my own personal treasure hunt that still needs to be finished, edited, and then forgotten. I thought about  the story this morning as I was adding a task to my to-do list, and realized that I’ve inadvertently created a relic hunter with some form of ethics. Not that ethical relic hunters never happen in stories, but it amuses me that mine ended up that way without deliberate action from me.

It could be my museum training. It could be my love for ancient cultures. It could be the fact that my mother a couple of years ago decided that all of my relic-hunting cartoons and movies were evil because they disturb the dead and don’t repatriate.

I didn’t bother getting into a discussion with her about the fact that dead bodies are empty shells and repatriation happens (or is implied as taking place after the end of the movie/show) in a number of the shows I most frequently watch. Relics are often only kept by the hunter in those shows when the culture of origination (or the caretakers thereof when the culture no longer exists) gives it to them hunter.


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