A Cute Business Name Heard on the Radio

I still owe the actual post for yesterday, but I think I’ll be forgiven. I woke up very sick with sinus junk yesterday, worked all day at a local preschool (with the right side of my head feeling like it was about to explode), and then left work to drive down to Portland for the weekend. My day was completely full.

On what felt like an endless drive (it took five hours to get from Bellevue to Portland last night), I was listening to the radio trying to find out why traffic was so goofy. This ad came on for a jersey business, and the name made me spend half my trip chanting it over and over to stick it in my brain so I could blog about it.

The company’s name (I hope I’m spelling this correctly) is Exper-Tees. They’re located in Auburn, and they apparently make sports jerseys. How fabulous is that! It describes what the business’ self-described niche in the community is, and it’s a nice play on words.


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