I am a fan of the Fruits Basket manga. Almost obsessively at times. The most recent English volume was released this month, so I was quite excited. Friends all over the country were finding it, and here I sat in a fairly metropolitan city, completely unable to find it. I asked a few customer service people, who all told me it was in various stages of being developed (except for one who just gave me a blank stare).

I’ve driven over quite a bit of the area trying to find it, somehow completely forgetting to check one of the nearby towns (which has one of the two best Barnes & Nobles in this part). So yesterday, at the suggestion of Thing 2, I decided to drive over there after my volunteer work to see what I could find.

First, let me explain that I’m still not terribly familiar with this area in general. I can get myself to and from work in Lynnwood. I could get myself to and from Issaquah when I worked there. I can get to and from Amtgard and friends’ places around Redmond. I can get myself to and from bowling in Kirkland. Just going randomly from one town to another is tricky, though. So I took off for Woodinville, and missed the exit, which led to driving through Redmond to get to Woodinville. (Redmond is essentially on the other side of Woodinville from Bothell.)

Part of the problem is the way the exit to Woodinville is marked. Coming from Bothell, Woodinville is nowhere on the sign, and the numbers are very small, so it’s difficult to see which highways are affected. Coming from Redmond, Woodinville is clearly labeled so you don’t have to worry about the numbers.

Either way, I really ought to just make a point of learning which exit goes to Woodinville. Then, I won’t have to take a scenic tour of Redmond.


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