A Flashback From Childhood

As a small child, one of my earliest and favorite toys was the ice cream tub of legos that lived in the cabinet under the phone in my grandmother’s house.

Much of my childhood (and even my teens) were spent with that tub of small plastic blocks. It was great. My cousins and I would sit down and build everything you could imagine. We made little computers, big bowls, ships to travel in various mediums. We even made weapons. Please believe me when I say that nothing is more satisfying than watching a lego grenade split apart on your older cousin, and nothing hurts worse than said cousin rebuilding the grenade quickly and throwing it back at you.

I remember moving into my granmother’s house while I was working on my bachelor’s degree, and being so sad to discover the legos were gone. With all of us grown, my grandmother had given them to children who might as well have been our cousins. Another generation to know the joy and creativity of legos.

Yesterday, I was in Bellevue spending time with a friend, and discovered a lego store. An entire store devoted to legos. We probably spent 30-45 minutes in there. There were the various popular sets. There were related products (and having an Amtgard-style fight with foam swords designed for little kids is just fun) and display cases with all sorts of lego creations. My favorites were the mice and pigs made entirely from bricks.

Our favorite part, though, was the back wall.

The back wall had bins and bins of legos. Some were specialty pieces, but for the most part it was just the bricks in all their various sizes and colors. (You buy them by the cup!) We were just in love with this store.


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