Information Permanence Online

I moved these blogs a few months ago when I decided to break them into three separate blogs. I really didn’t give much thought to the changing URLs because I didn’t really think anyone read them.

I’m not sure that I think anyone reads them now, but I am planning to move these blogs one more time. I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen. This time is a bit more concerning because I know of two blogs that link to CareerNiche, and have seen many fora and seminar sites that link to various posts. When I move these blogs next time, there are going to be a lot of broken links.

This does actually concern me. I’m afraid of losing the tiny readership the stats tell me I have, and of losing these connections.

While I’ve been sitting here pondering on the ramifications of moving the blogs again, I happened across this article on the necessity of being permanent online. To say this article resonated with the thoughts going through my mind as I’m reworking my web sites, trying to include the blogs, would be an understatement.

The best argument I’ve been able to give myself as a comfort is that people found me and followed me to the new URLs. If I make it a habit not to let my web presence resemble my offline presence, then it follows that people should follow me to wherever I move the blogs next. There may be a gap in readership for a bit, but it should shake out.

One of the questions I was asked during my orals in grad school concerned the continued preservation of data. This may be a part of the more in-depth answer to that question.


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