A Wish for a Tech Toy

I used to have a Palm Pilot, but it completely died earlier this year. I loved my Palm Pilot. It kept my schedule, my to-do lists (organized by list, including my grocery list), my notes. At various points in time, it even held writings, including last year’s NaNoWriMoproject from last year. That was one of my favorite features. I could handwrite on my Palm Pilot (because I write much more easily if I’m handwriting than typing) and then transfer it via the cradle to a computer. It worked rather well for me.

One of the reasons I really got my Palm Pilot was because I wanted to be able to do all of the above, plus be able to carry e-books on it. At that point in time, anything that allowed me to carry more with less space and weight was a happy thing. Unfortunately, I was never able to get an eReader to configure properly on it, and so my dreams of carrying eBooks kind of went out the window.

After volunteering with Project Gutenberg earlier this year , hearing all about the Bain Library, opening an account with NetLibrary, and reading this article this morning, I really want to get a new Palm Pilot and figure out how to configure the eReader.

It saves trees. It doesn’t add weight to my bag. It lets me read, which I love.


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