The Lore of the Cards

I’ve never felt ashamed for being so old and yet still watching cartoons. Firstly, I’m a fan of animation. I have an incredible amount of respect for the work that goes into even a twenty-minute cartoon. Secondly, I am generally amused by elements of storyline or the writing.

Currently, one of favorite cartoons to watch and pick on, despite the fact I’ve only played the game once, is Yu-Gi-Oh. There’s just some very amusing writing going on in this cartoon that I have often felt compelled to share. Today, I watched Joey give the full lore behind one of a card he was about to play. It was reminiscent of the days when tradeable card games were supposed to be these great stories of powerful opponents dueling.

It wasn’t just a one-sentence story, either. Joey actually told his opponent the entire story of the card he was about to play. It was quite fascinating. Then again, it’s always interesting to see a children’s show that is actually in touch with its fabricated past. It adds depth to the show.


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